Put On Your Room Escape Vacation Pants – Southern California Edition, Part 2

Well it’s been over a year since my last room escape post on the old bloggy blog and I have been to even MORE room escapes.  What can I say?! I am still obsessed.  I even create one in my classroom each year.  There is nothing like unfolding a story and working toward a goal together.  It’s so much fun!  So, now I have even more reviews to share.  Please read on to find out more room escapes you need to check out this year. If you missed part 1 of my post, check out the link below.

Put On Your Room Escape Vacation Pants, Part 1

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5 Ways To Have Way More Fun On a Road Trip (Especially With Kids) – My Vacation Shorts

Taking a road trip is one of our favorite ways to travel.  Whether we set out from home, or fly to our destination and rent a car, road tripping is the best way to get an up close, personal feel for the places you are traveling.  You can camp, stay in hotels, or some combination of both.  Having the flexibility of driving a car around means you get to go where you want and when you want, without relying on tour guides or public transportation.
However, once kids enter the equation, some families give up on the road trip as a viable vacation option.  Maybe they’ve seen the Vacation movies too many times, or maybe they just don’t think they, or their kids, will enjoy being cooped up in a car together for hours on end.
Well, we at My Vacation Pants have taken many fun and memorable road trip vacations with our kids, and we’re ready to tell you our secrets to making the most out of your automobile-assisted adventures with the entire family.

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The Ultimate Vacation Planning Guide – My Vacation Shorts

As we are about to embark on one of the biggest family vacations of our lives, I have been reflecting on vacation planning practices that we do before we go on a trip.  We are about to travel to Europe for a month, which obviously requires some major planning, and I am trying to find a balance between getting things done in my day-to-day life and getting ready for my upcoming trip.  It’s tough, but I have some tried and true methods that make sure the planning goes, well…according to plan.  Here are a few of them, so you too can have peace of mind before you head out on your epic vacation adventure.

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Taking the Adventure Route – My Vacation Shorts

I am so excited to introduce my first guest post writer.  My husband, Phil, is pretty much the smartest human I know. He has been my editor on many of my writing adventures for about 20 years now.  I have shared with you how we are a family that travels on one income because we wanted our children to be with a parent instead of being raised by someone other than us.  My husband is a stay at home Dad and has been one since my daughter was born in 2008.  He is an amazing one at that.  In this first post by him, you will see the backstory to our whole traveling philosophy. Read on to find out how you too can choose to take The Adventure Route. Enjoy.

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5 Ways to Truly Relax While Vacationing- My Vacation Shorts



How to Actually Rest (but still do stuff) While on a Vacation

I absolutely love to relax on vacation.  After surveying other friends and family members, I realized that many people don’t really know how to fit in getting some rest while traveling.  As a result, they don’t really want to travel because they just feel tired at the end of vacation, and then they are tired when they go back to work and their normal lives.  Read on to find out my tips on how to actually relax while vacationing.
It’s easier than you think. Number five will blow your mind!!!  (I put that in as a joke for my husband 🙂

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5 Tips on how to Travel Cheap with Your Kiddos – My Vacation Shorts

It’s no mystery that I like to find a good travel deal.  It was all fine and dandy when it was just me and my husband traveling, but now we have two kiddos and we are still living on one income, so how does one travel for cheap even though they have enlarged their family?  Read on to find out how.

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