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We all grew up tinkering and building with Legos at some point in our lives.  We happen to be a pretty big fan of Legos in the My Vacation Pants family.  When we learned that the original Legoland that was opened in 1969 is still in the beautiful countryside town of Billund, Denmark, we knew we had to go.  Read on to find out about our fantastic adventure in the land of the world’s most amazing toy ever!  You will definitely want to plan a trip there yourselves, and I will tell you how to do it.

In our home state of California we are frequent Legoland California visitors.  We’ve even had annual passes in the past.  In one of the exhibits, called the Lego Factory, there is a map of all the other Legolands in the world.  Long ago we decided that visiting the original Legoland in Denmark was an absolute must, sooooooo, when I found reasonable summer airfare to Copenhagen on a non discount airline for $553 a person, we snatched that deal up fast.  We were excited to see many things in Denmark, but I would be lying if I said Legoland wasn’t near the top of that list.

Planning Your Visit

A Lego Hans Christian Anderson in Denmark. How perfect!

Legoland Billund’s season is April through the first week of November.  Be sure to check the calendar before your visit for the up- to-date information.  You can purchase your tickets online for a discounted price, or buy them at the gate.  There are also many hotel, cabin, and campground packages where you can stay right by the park and get tickets included with your stay.  All the information is available on their website, which you can find here.

Traveling to Billund

We decided to rent a car and drive all over Denmark.  The parking (which we used) was right across the street from the entrance.  You park, and then pay when you exit.  It’s 50 DKK for the entire day, which at the time we traveled translates to about 7 or 8 USD.  That’s the cheapest theme park parking I have seen in quite some time.  There are several other ways to get to Billund.  There are bus routes that will drop you off near the entrance. We also saw tourist buses, taxis, etc.  There is even an airport nearby (which, by the way, is the only place in the world you can buy an exclusive Lego set based on the airport itself.)  But the number one way people get around Denmark is biking.  It is the most bicycled place in the world and they have many bike friendly highways and lanes all over the country.  They have ample parking for all bikes.  You park them in the roundabouts behind the ticket booths and there is no charge to park there.

Entering Legoland

Lego Mount Rushmore. I haven’t seen the real deal in the states yet, but I have now seen two Lego versions.

We picked up our tickets at a will call window and headed right in.  The entrance is very well marked and you shouldn’t have any problem getting in.  Legoland Billund is much larger than the park we visit in California, so we didn’t budget our time as effectively as I would have liked, but we got to do a lot.  The lines were very reasonable, and if you get there when it opens and stay until it closes you should have plenty of time to do what you want to do.  The park is set up like a circle, so you can go right or left and end back up at the entrance at the end of the day.  The Lego Miniland is situated in the center of the park.  We saved that for the last hour of the day because most of the rides close an hour before the park closes, while the Miniland and shopping stay open for an additional hour.

Areas and Highlights

Pirate Land – The first land we hit up was Pirate Land.  We had a swashbuckling adventure.  Our favorite attraction in this area was the Pirate Boats.  We loved seeing a pirate lair, lego style.  Make sure you check out the Pirate Splash Battle as well.  Yes, you will get soaked, but being able to move about the boat while it moves makes it a bit easier to avoid a direct hit.


Adventure Land – My husband’s favorite Lego series has long been discontinued.  It was called Orient Expedition, and it had an adventure vibe.  It was cool because the discontinued Legos live on in this land.  It’s like Lego meets an Indiana Jones style adventure. Our favorite attraction in this land was called The Temple.  You ride a jeep through a moving shooting rage and you are able to use your gun to hit targets.  It’s like an interactive video game.  It was really fun.

Knight’s Kingdom

This land was a similar land that they have in their California location, but their roller coaster, titled The Dragon, was a little more extensive.  We loved the intricate displays inside the queue, and the roller coaster was a bit more thrilling than the one in California.  They also have a raft style ride that we skipped because we were still in the process of drying off from the Pirate Splash Battle.

Polar Land

Since we were already on a roller coaster kick we headed over to Polar Land and rode the Polar X-Plorer.  My son was very upset that he was a one inch shy of the height requirement on the ride.  It seriously broke my heart when he said, “Mommy, we may never ever come back to Denmark, and I may never be able to ride that ride in my lifetime.”  As a parent of a small, but brave child, it seriously wrecks me to have to deal with these sorts of height requirements at amusement parks.  Especially when you are attending a child centered one.  He was seriously an inch away, but had to sit out.  He’s six years old, almost 7, so he is definitely the target age for this park as well.  I hope we can get back there someday because this ride seriously rocked and definitely wasn’t too scary for a child of this age.  Height requirements are listed on the website, so if you have a little thrill seeker like me, maybe try to avoid those areas.  I understand things need to be safe, but like I said, you would expect a six year old be able to ride everything at the park.  The penguin exhibit was cool and we had fun checking out the penguin talk offered in multiple languages while we waited for the rest of our party to ride.

Legoredo Town

This was one of my favorite areas in the park.  It’s basically their wild west town.  It was fun to see a version of my home country done up Lego style.  It also had two of my favorite attractions: the Lego Canoes and Ghost: A Haunted House.  The canoes were like a log style ride with a fun little jaunt through the wilderness, and a waterfall drop at the end.  The Lego Haunted House had so many cool exhibits inside.  You walk through a haunted house with Lego ghosts and displays, then take your chances in the mirror maze where it becomes very hard to find a way out.  Lastly, you take a little drop in the tower.  There was one confusing part where they take your bags, cameras, and purses, and put them on a roll cart.  After we exited, no one ever directed us to pick our bags inside the tower chamber, so we exited the ride and looked for our bags. We walked to the front and they said the cart was inside the ride.  Luckily when we went back in and waited for the ride to be done our bags were still there, but that was one little thing that stressed us out.  Hopefully, this little tip helps you on the ride.  They just don’t want you to bring bags on the ride for safety reasons.


Also something really cool they offer is an area for the kiddos to play with Legos while the parents are waiting in line. In the United States I feel like the parents just use this area as a way to cut in line, but here it seemed to legitimately work.  We didn’t have to wait in many lines, but it was fun for the kiddos when we did have to wait.

Duplo Country

We started to realize at this point that this place is huge in size and even though we arrived right after it opened we were not going to experience everything.  Duplo country had a lot of attractions for younger guests, so we walked through that part of the park, but didn’t really go on anything.  It is really a great place if you have preschoolers.

Imagination Zone

This place had a selection of 3D movies, a Legoland aquarium exhibit, and a huge model of the X-Wing Fighter from Star Wars.  We definitely had fun checking it out.  If we could have spent two days here we would have.  There was just so much to do.

Ninjago World

We are excited about the upcoming Ninjago movie and were excited to check out this new land.  We did the Ninjago ride.  That was a video game based ride with some really cool technology.  After that, we did Lloyd’s Laser Maze.  I didn’t do so hot, but my son totally rocked my score.  Can you make it through the laser field before time runs out without hitting a laser?  You will have to let me know.  😉


After Ninjago, we only had a couple minutes to get on rides before they closed, so our party split up and hit up the last rides of the day.  I took my daughter on the monorail.  That was a fun tour of the park.  My husband and son went up in the Legotop, which is a tower observation attraction.  After we got off our attraction we looked at the miniland for awhile.  It stays open an hour after the parks close.  This was such a cool area.  You get to see works of art and architecture, Lego style, built by real life master builders.  The exhibit that impressed us the most was the multiple working boat locks.  A lego boat would enter the lock, rise to the next level, and the gate would open.  It was so cool.  It was also fun to see the difference between the one in California versus the one in Billund.  There were a lot of European places represented and we enjoyed identifying them.  We also got to see Lego models of some places we saw in Denmark.

On our way out we tried to go in to the world’s largest Lego store, but were turned away.  Apparently they have a hard closing time and we didn’t realize it.  We were a little bummed we didn’t get to experience it.  The store at Legoland California is open until the last guest leaves, but we probably would have had to buy another suitcase and we would have spent a fortune in Legos.  It would have been nice to see it before we left the park though, so make sure you get your shopping done before closing time.  Something else to keep in mind for your trip to the park.


We really had a great time at the park and would highly recommend a visit, especially if you are a Lego fan.  I love getting to do different types of experiences when you travel.  As a family traveler I think it is important to do a mix between cultural experiences, nature tours, and of course just good ole fashion fun, like we had at Legoland Billund. We got to see so many unique and interesting things while we were in Denmark and each thing was special in it’s own way.  This was definitely a trip we will never forget.  Stay tuned for more posts about our amazing trip to Denmark.

* My family and I were invited as guests of Legoland Billund, but as always, all opinions are my own.  

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